And even a bonus slide for any remaining queries:

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Feel free to erase this bit here if you reblog, but I just wanted to explain why I made this. Very recently I got into an argument online with a white woman about a film that executed a white savior trope. I explained all the things I found problematic in the film and why I thought it was racist, and she told me that I was both nit-picking and white-shaming. I was also called a hypocrite and a racist (against white people).

I could see that this white woman was set in her willful ignorance, and that any further arguing would only make me more frustrated and her more self-righteous. So instead, I made this (lovely, if I can so myself) powerpoint rather than metaphorically bashing my head against a brick wall in continuing a conversation with her. 

May this help you in all your efforts, even if it couldn’t help me in mine. 

- Jennifer 

P.S. So I don’t know if someone has made a powerpoint for racism before (I’m sure someone has), but I haven’t seen one. Please link it to us if you have! 


Oh good lord, help us all. 

Disclaimer: I DO acknowledge there is a certain amount of white privilege in the world, and especially in the U.S. yet it is becoming increasingly US-Centric to the point where I am going to bash my head in. Yes, white privilege exists, but it isn’t how you’re explaining it exactly. In addition, you are distorting and misinforming other folks about various topics including the topics of race and international beauty standards as a way of whitewashing and Eurocentric ideals of beauty.

Let’s tackle all the slide shows collectively: I think the major fault we see here is the fact you confuse individual, structural, and institutional racism and pile them up into becoming one odd ball and call it racism in general. Searching through google should show you that there is a definite difference between individual racism and institutional racism - where institutional racism is white brings forth the power + prejudice = racism formula. Whilst individual racism is applied with interpersonal small groups and communication. Please stop confusing each category of racism into one pile and call it “institutionalized racism”, as you’re using the term incorrectly, even the by the studies that have coined such terms. 

In addition, the beauty standards you speak of/briefly mention are very mixed. Asian beauty standards of fairer skin roots from the idea that folks with fairer skin are those who have more money and can afford the luxury of staying inside - this idea has been passed down by many generations, and especially in brown Arab countries until the past 2 decades or so where an embrace of the tanned skin and brown complexion became the new beauty standard. Please keep that in mind when you want to include beauty standards as westernized whilst in actuality, it’s simply the revival of thousands and thousands of years of beauty standards before white people even dared sailing past the Caribbean. 

Secondly, The pyramid you have posted can be easily applicable to the foreigners that are in my country - a predominantly brown country with the white people as the minority. I have personally witnessed each level up to the “Acts of Violence”, and recently there have been a couple cases of murder and rape of foreigners (white people) in the region which remain of not so high importance and are genuinely ignored. Moreover, the stigma many white women carry throughout the middle-east as sex-hungry home-wreckers and whores is continuous and not a very old mindset - as white women were sold ever since the Arab Slave Trade was prominent.  So, I’m just wondering how you’re going to explain how the pyramid is also applicable to white people in my region but somehow cannot face racism in your books?

(Again, stop confusing individual, structural, and institutional racism.)

Next is the idea of the aggression and discrimination of white people by other ethnic and racial groups: It’s called racism. And if we are going to talk based on historical contexts, White people also have some right to be angry at the Barbars and Brown folks of North Africa and the Middle-East for selling them, pillaging their villages, raping their women all throughout the Ottoman Empire and Arab Slave Trade. But of course, white folks aren’t angry about this and are not racist towards racially different folk because of this because it is an unjustifiable reason. No matter how good the excuse, the point is that we are trying to progress some more in terms of understanding and compassion - not understanding each other through hating each other equally. Here you’ll find a couple of articles that might be very good to read about the rising issue of aggression and discrimination/stereotyping of whites x x. Please read them and try to keep an open mind while reading them as they are both very educated sources of information and acknowledge the problem too. 

Reverse racism isn’t a real thing because racism is racism - either individual or institutional - but it’s racism. I’ve already explained why above, but feel free to ask some more questions. 

As a PoC, I will tell other PoC they’re being too sensitive. It’s not a matter of shutting them up, but a matter of them trying to grow out of complaining about every microscopic detail that doesn’t go their way. Not all white people are racist; not even white people as a collective group considering that the majority of white folks are too busy minding their own damn business in Eastern and Northern Europe to think about mainly US-Centric issues. 

Feel free to come back to me at any time; and please don’t be as pretentious as you were in your last slide. 

This is perhaps the best refutation of SJW bullshit I have ever seen. 

Excellent refutation.  Also so many SJWs think that white people are just one entity, like they have no ethnic background other than being white.  Northern European blonde-blue-eyed white is not the same as Ashkenazi-Jew white.  

Bolded out the important posts.

While reading the whole power-point post I felt I’m reading the biggest hypocrisy on earth. So you are making an assumption that EVERY “white” man is a racist because of his skin colour and that we should feel ASHAMED that we DARED to be born like this and apologise in every step? Isn’t it the pretties thing I have ever heard. It almost sounds racist towards “white” people, isn’t it.

Yes, in West countries like England or U.S.A the white privilege is very real and it should be fought but I love how you just put in the same bag any other “white” countries that has NOTHING to do with colonisation past because why not, generalisation is easier like this. From what I’m reading you have no idea how much divided is Europe. It’s not a single nation that drinks tea, wears monocle every day and watch monuments her and there. Let’s put together Chinese, Taiwan, Japanese and Korean people together next time, let’s see how they will feel about it.

Yes, reverse-racism doesn’t exist because racism is UNIVERSAL. It can be done by white people against black people, black against Asian, Asian against white and so on. You can be racist as much towards white person as towards any other different coloured people.

Maybe instead of fighting ignorance with more ignorance you could show an example of tolerance and how it should be done. Bashing people in the head won’t do any good.

OH MY FUCKING GOD THE COMMENTS! I am sick of being made to feel ashamed of the color of my skin. I am sick of feeling like I’m the devil by my mere existence! I try very hard not to offend anyone and I try to educate myself on other cultures, religions, sexualities; other PEOPLE. I am not prejudiced by racial default. Just because I’m white does not mean I fell out of the womb with my middle finger up and a slur on my lips. White power is a very real problem that should be combatted in countries with a white majority but I refuse to accept the idea that I should stumble around apologizing for choking to death on the racial silver spoon I was born with. (Not mentioning the fact that in other countries white people are discriminated against in much the same way.)
Love each other
Love yourself
Embrace all cultures